A book review writing often seems to be challenging task that can be substantially divided into simple steps to make it work. Colleges and universities often give students an assignment to write custom book review, and we are here to help a student to get started. It makes sense to read other author’s reviews to have a better idea of the book review guidelines and rules. Keep in mind that the internet is filled with book reviews from people who have not even read the book in the first place. That is why it is crucial to read professional custom book reviews in the first place.

Book Reviews Writing Steps

  • Evaluation & Summary. The well-written book review is actually a mixture of evaluation and summary. The initial goal is to compel the reader of the fact that the particular book is worth reading. Follow our list and pay attention to the book review writing standards we are willing to present.
  • Opening Statement. The opening statement must be catchy and compelling as the reader is about to make a decision whether the book reading is worth his time. Make sure to include the author’s first and last names, the book title, and the number of pages in the book.
  • Book Introduction. The book introduction provides the reader with the book synopsis. Important aspects to include are the book main ideas, cast of characters and their story uniqueness. The description of the book genre as plays significant role.
  • Writing Style Critic. While the interesting and eye-catching story details are pointed out, the story line and its major points must be opened up to the book review audience. Read book review writing for additional help. The use of quotes and excerpts are highly welcomed. Important aspects to consider include social relevance topic and lessons learned.
  • Conclusion. It enables to provide personal summary of the book. Include feelings and thoughts that were provoked by the book as well personal reality change is crucial aspect of custom book review.
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