75 Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay is the one with different views and it presents the opposing and supporting side. The supporting side of the information dictates the advantages of the issue presented to them while the opposing side dictates that the issue has disadvantages in their own views. The main objective of a Controversial essay is to ensure that the individual persuades the other with a different view about the matter to change what they belief in and support them. Controversial essay makes the argument very lively as everyone give many reasons for the support or opposing of a particular topic presented to them in the aim to ensure that their argument is the most convincing to the audience or the one marking the essay. The essay provides the individual to have a view about the topic and express what they feel about the issue so as to ensure that every opinion is considered. A good controversial essay should have the ability to bring up an extensive debate about the topic some ideas supporting the topic while others opposing the topic. There is need to ensure that every need of the opposing side and the supporting side are considered in the aim to avoid biasness in the essay. This will help the individual to be committed to the topic chosen in the aim to ensure that the debate is smooth and all the supporting ideas are stated so as to ensure that the topic is well covered. Every issue presented in the essay is aimed to answer a particular question which imposes two types of answers the one supporting while others opposing the controversial essay topic.

Choosing a good Controversial Essay

Selecting the appropriate topic for controversial essay is necessary in the aim to ensure that there is great understanding of the topic. In the aim to ensure that there flow in the controversial essay there is need to pursue the following steps to come up with a good controversial essay topic. One is where one requires the do a research
about the topic
to write in the controversial essay by finding information from journals, books and website. One should choose the position to take considering the information gathered about the topic. Two is where one considers he various positions presented by the topic this is because controversial essay provides different opinions from various individuals. The opinion to be taken by the individual is decided by value of the individual, facts, definition about the topic, the rules and regulation and the effect of the situation presented by the topic. Three is where to understand the question about the fact, value, definition, rules and the effect of the issue. This ensures that the controversial essay do not go off topic as it try to answer the questions that are in the topic. Four is where one writes down the appropriate question that will ensure that the paper writing is attractive in the introduction, body and conclusion of the controversial essay.

The fifth step is where the individual writes the answer to the question about the topic which becomes the thesis statement. Thesis statement is where the controversial essay writer base argument from. Six is where the individual gives the reasons for the thesis statement in the controversial essay. These reasons are used in the body part of the controversial essay to ensure that the controversial essay clearly explain the thesis statement of the writer. The reasons make the controversial essay main section hence there is need to clearly explain the reasons for a proper flow of the controversial essay. Seven is where the controversial essay considers other people’s views so as to ensure that there all the views about the topic are handled so as to avoid biasness in the controversial essay. This makes it possible for the individual to qualify the answer given from the question in the controversial essay topic. If the individual was supporting the controversial essay topic there is need to ensure that there is a detailed arguments that makes the supporting side better than the opposing side of the topic. Eight is where the controversial essay writer makes a list of the materials used for instance the articles and websites used in writing the essay. Lastly is where the individual do further research to ensure that the claim made have more evidence and supporting material for a good controversial essay.

Examples of Controversial Essay

  1. Abortion should be legalized.
  2. High education levels guarantee to high income levels.
  3. Effects of increased in polygamy in the society.
  4.  Threats imposed by terrorism.
  5. Negative impact of lesbianism and homosexuality in the society.
  6. Plastic surgery adoption in the aim to change race.
  7. Punishment for severe crimes for instance rape, murder, fraud etc.
  8. Fast foods regulation by nations which experience high obesity levels.
  9. Limit of soft food to reduce the negative effects of the drinks.
  10. Use of heroin or marijuana as a medicinal solution.
  11. What music is good for listening?
  12. Legalization of suicide for those suffering terminal illness in the society?
  13. Religion help grow spiritually in a society?
  14. Need for internet censorship.
  15. Benefits imposed by rules and regulation in the society?
  16. Ethics of child adoption.
  17. The need for consensus mode of decision making.
  18. Control of the programs that are watched mostly by children.
  19. Is there so much cheating in education institutions?
  20. Danger imposed by alcohol.
  21. Employing children in the company.
  22. Ben of cigarette use in the public.
  23. Should the alcohol consumption age be increase4d or reduced by the government?
  24. The official language to be used in a country.
  25. Does age matter in a relationship?
  26. Marriage of people from the same sex.
  27. Importance of government in health care.
  28. Is the cost of higher education very high?
  29. Competition in the job market is it fair?
  30. Importance of grading in the institution.
  31. Do sports help in consumption of drugs?
  32. The need of competition of companies.
  33. Age to make the appropriate decision.
  34. Does idleness lead to trouble?
  35. Should gay get married?
  36. Are there benefits of having a single set school?
  37. Human right violation.
  38. Is death penalty appropriate?
  39. Human trafficking.
  40. Employment of expatriates.
  41. Cybercrime increase in the society.
  42. Domestic violence.
  43. Are school uniform necessary?
  44. Laws for drunk driving.
  45. Child abuse.
  46. Food safety.
  47. Effects of industry in the environmental change.
  48. Is gambling well for the society?
  49. School violence.
  50. Divorce.
  51. Immigration.
  52. Drugs and athletes.
  53. Reason leading to poverty.
  54. Media and terrorism.
  55. Minimum wage.
  56. Are CEO overpaid?
  57. Overpopulation.
  58. Cults in the society.
  59. Eating disorders.
  60. Female genital mutilation.
  61. Security of the nation.
  62. Freedom of speech.
  63. Globalization.
  64. Racism.
  65. Religion freedom.
  66. Whistle blowing in a company.
  67. Media freedom.
  68. Tax reforms by the government.
  69. Gun control.
  70. Diversity in working place.
  71. Use of steroids.
  72. Global warming.
  73. Marijuana legalization.
  74. Technology effect.
  75. Effectiveness of a drug free zone in schools.
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