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Uptown Funk by a Teacher with His Students

Educators have in most cases been described as people who lack style and are often perceived as boring.  Scott Pankey is one educator that played a key role in proving this perception wrong.  He led the students of A.Maceo Smith New Tech High School from Texas in a dance that fell nothing short of epic.  This was to mark the ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronsons.  He had brilliant moves that got the students excite and dancing to the groove.  This ensured that he connected with the students who had already identified with him because of his brilliant moves.

Hacks that College Students Need to Know

There are various Hacks that all the college students require to know.  This includes economizing on your space while cooking.  The next thing is how to postpone washing the spoons and using the forks in place.  Another interesting hack is showing off preferences by using the washing machines in chilling your beer.


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Blast from the past

Bruce Farrer is a retired teacher from Australia, who also worked as a part-time detective.  He tracks down most of his former students and provide them with a blast from their past.  In the last decade, he told his students in ninth grade to write a letter comprised of ten pages addressing their future selves.   He then used his detective skills and tracked down all his students to deliver the letters to them.  The students could not help but marvel at how incredible Mr. Farrer was in their lives.   According to him, the task would help the 14-year old ninth graders to establish the future that they want to take two decades from then.