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English 101 is highly popular course for new students and students who are about to enroll in profession oriented college programs. The overall purpose of this course is to acquaint you with conventions and traditions of academic writing. Another important goal of English 101 is to advance your critical thinking skills. Development of academic writing skills means various things to the students. But the bottom line is that you must learn the academic writing elements in order to succeed in your current and future college / university studies.

The course English 101 is aimed as an introduction to writing for new students both in colleges and universities. We have to admit that assignments in every college are going to be different, but they will involve English 101 essay writing techniques and strategies. The course will also concentrate on the process of formulating, supporting and defending the thesis statement.

We will open up the secret to you, English 101 will help you to establish and to manage your communicational skills. When we grow up we learn how to walk, how to talk and how to communicate with the society around us. One day you will easily write custom MBA essay. Same is true for this discipline, essay writing skills are developed in order to communicate your message in a written form.

When you reach a certain point in developing your essay writing skills, the writing will become a type of self-expression or self-reflection which is on its own interesting and intriguing. If you discover the writing as a type of craft and manage “to grab” its basic elements, you will succeed in every paper you do. If the first writing doesn’t seem to be perfect, you must never give up as the writing practice will definitely bring you to a much desired progress.



Here are a few tips that we have decided to share with you if you want your admission essay well. Many students tend to overestimate the college admission essay writing task and they see as daunting matter. We suggest you to relax and get back to work because here are few much valuable tips for you on how you can write a brilliant admission paper today.

  1. Stick to the Question. The first and the most important step is to stick to the question and provide a full answer applicable to the question posed in the admission essay. The trick is the understanding that it is the most important part of the writing in this particular case. Getting off the topic and not answering the essay question will not lead you to be accepted to college in the first place.
  2. Originality. Providing the unique and original content is your task number two. Imagine you are required to write about that trainings you have taken, then you must avoid the description how much time and effort it took you. It is better to write what kind of benefits you have acquired during the training and how it resulted on your overall activity making you more successful in such aspects. Explore critical essay writing services as well. Show your creativity and way of positive thinking as it will put light on your personal dedication to the obtaining college education.
  3. Stay Focused on Yourself. It would be actually great if you keep in mind that the admission officer is determine to see your personality through your personal writing abilities. The topic you choose to discuss must be meaningful to you. Add writing about your feelings and show your determines for actions. Make sure to stay away from too important matters or grand themes which you know a little about and don’t have direct personal experience.



English essay composition is the first thing that students encounter when they enter college in foreign to them country. The English writing is the first class ESL students must enroll into. ESL essay writing will at first seem to be challenging. But when a student sets a goal to complete college and to build successful career in the future then taking ESL essay writing class is essential. English speakers like to joke that even for them it was challenging to start writing essays as it demands strong layout, clear ideas, and supportive facts. Nevertheless, as soon as you start to learn how exactly essays are written, the miracle does happen and writing essay becomes easier and easier.

The first aspect for the ESL student is to get to know the basics of essay structure. The basics includes comprising sentences and then proceeding with wrapping up thoughts and ideas in the writing flow of the sentences. It OK to struggle with coherent essay writing at first. But the more you write, the better and more profound are your writing results. Majority of English Essay Composition courses and classes focus on writing organization as it is the strongest part of any essay writing.

The student must see from the start a designed strategy that will lead to coherent paper writing process. Organization is the key to your writing success. Keep in mind that you can always rely on the academic ESL custom essay writing services that are available to you 24/7. And to make the esl writing easier for you to understand, we are laying out in this blog simple Essay “sandwich” concept. The first layer and the last layers are the same. Same applies to the introduction and conclusion, they are basically the same. And as a middle layer you will have your essay body that usually includes 2-3 paragraphs.



Students who have set a goal to enter the university must realize one important thing that both university and college admissions have highly competitive background. As soon as you realize that you university admission essay preparation process will become more organized and goal-oriented. One of the benefits of securing yourself and making sure your admission essay will make you enter the university is to distinguish yourself from the others. But make sure to keep in mind that being in such a competitive environment is the factor that makes it more difficult to enter the college or university. We have gathered tips for successful writing university admission essay tips that must be put to work unless you want to be successful with your post-graduate education entrance.

  1. Concise Thought Organization. Many admission instructors admit that the biggest enemy is unpreparedness. What to do? You must take several days to think about what you are asked to write about. If you are asked to write about yourself, look at yourself as an independent watcher and find your best talents and character traits that make you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Rules & Guidelines. Many students tend to make the same mistake by sinking deeply into their thoughts. Instead of following clear university admission essay instructions, examinees tend to express their own creativity that leads to loosing straight forward essay structure, meaning loosing essay examination points. Simply avoid answering the questions that you have not been asked in the first place. If you find yourself writing about things that are unrelated to the topic, put your focus back and concentrate on providing the right kind of writing.
  3. Time Adequacy. The university admission essay writing procedure like custom essay writing takes from one to three hours. During this time you must put your well-organized thoughts in your writing. All of your preparation actions that you have done before will work for you. It means that more you do the preparation and writing work, the better organization structure you are about to come up with. During the writing work course, you will create your own unique and systematic writing progress that will make you enter the desired university and score well on your admission essay.