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comparison-essay-writing-servicesComparison essay is one of the most important paper writing assignments in high school, colleges and universities. Writing comparison essay becomes easy task when you know exactly what to do. We have decided to do a short list of comparison essay tips to make the writing job easier for you. Comparison essay paper concentrates on emphasizing the similarities of the chosen subject. When you buy a car, you start thinking in term of comparison. You may compare the price, technical capabilities, shape and looks. Then you make a decision. Writing comparison essay is similar to this process.

  1. Question Analysis. The great or most attractive idea in your head must be laid out in a form of writing. It must perfectly match the prompt. To decide on the key prompt, underline the key words or key phrases.
  2. Subject Comparison Research. You must understand that your assignment is limited. It means that all the great details that you liked about comparison may not be included in your comparison writing. Focus on finding the most important or significant details of the comparison subject that your assignment can handle. Compare just two or three aspects of the topic. It will give you a chance to cover the these comparison aspects comprehensively.
  3. Similarities. Focus on finding the similarities and write them in a form of a list. To make the job easier, the similarities must be listed according to their priority and significance. Usually, you must discuss less significant similarities first moving on to more significant ones. Concentrate on discussing similarities ONLY!
  4. Essay Plan. You must start with thesis, the main point of the comparison essay. To make your job easier, here is the best writing tip you can get. Start your essay with writing a body paragraphs first. Proceed with writing a well-thought-out conclusion. And finish up with writing the introduction. This way you will have a well-structured comparison essay paper that will gain you best evaluation points.










Both undergraduate and graduate university students are expected to write great deal of papers like essays, dissertations, etc. Majority of university courses require you to hand in the writing. If done otherwise, the course will require you to write an essay examination. It is crucial from the first university year to become completely aware and familiar with university essay structure. The second step is to achieve the sufficient level of confidence in writing your university papers as it is being required by the professors. For all other enquiries, you can always use professional university essay writing services you trust and be successful at your chosen studies.

The first and most important thing to understand is university level custom essay writing is essential. Your well-developed writing skills help you to emphasize your written assignments at the university. Writing is chosen tool of communication both at the university and the business world. While doing the written assignments you are aimed to develop or open to the fullest potential such skills as critical thinking, writing, grammar, punctuation, proper writing structuring, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that your university essay writing grade may suffer because of the poor writing-conveying skills. You can come up with the best innovative ideas, apply them to the well-chosen topic and underline it with well-organized research, but if you lack the proper university level writing skills, you may fail. But the help is always there for you and you are able to hand in well-written and best-organized paper in the first place. Some papers require you to do the analysis or the evaluation; others require deep amount or specific type of research; third require description of process or event. Proper knowledge of writing research sources is required as well (Quotations usage; APA referencing style; MLA referencing style, CBE or Chicago referencing style).


extended-essay-writing-servicesAs the essay tactics and strategies move forward and develop quickly on the way, more and more students meet with necessity of writing extended essays. It is important to know the extended essay or extended coursework requirements in the first place. In majority of cases, the extended essay writing services will require from the customer the specific criteria, or should we say to provide exactly “what your examiner wants”. As soon as you provide the examiner with the paper “he wants”, you will get the precious “A” and the extended essay writing services are here to help you right this very moment.

Where do you start with extended essay writing? Start with the purpose and proceed to the introduction, essay body and conclusion. Focus on writing in precise and clear manner. In order to make your paper clear, make your writing well-organized and include sentences that have variety of sentence structures. Accurate spelling, correct grammar, proper transitions and good choice of words will do the work. If you do the quotes, make sure to follow all the rules of sources’ quotations.

As you start with writing extended essay purpose, ensure clear statement of the writing’s major goal. It can be a well-phrased purpose or argument on its own. The purpose must be written in clear and apparent manner “intertwined” within the extended essay introduction. You must do everything in the beginning in order to encourage the reader to proceed with the reading further more. The body of the extended essay must ensure the smooth continuation supporting one or similar rhythm and pace. The conclusion is your rubric’s priority that’s why it needs greater emphasis. Make sure to include the appropriate recommendations as you put to the logic end the whole body of extended essay piece of writing. The last but definitely not least is the use of references.


Human touch in nursing is the key to successful patient’s healing. There is no need to get disappointed or discouraged, instead, it is wise to learn how to do your work better. There is a common belief that one of the greatest nurses’ abilities is to recognize patients’ pain and to act accordingly. On the other hand, it is very not easy to choose a nursing topic for your paper. Start with writing down all nursing essay suggestions until you find the one nursing topic you feel mostly comfortable with. While it may seem to be a challenging assignment, focus on finding your research paper or nursing essay topic that is simple yet unique. As you surf through the internet for nursing essay suggestions, try to see if you find the one of your own.

Here is a short list of nursing essay suggestions. Abuse and Trauma nursing topic will focus on reviewing modern cities as the place for cruel actions which lead to people cased a severe pain they tend to suffer from in various accidents. Concentrate on showing the reader the biggest issue of city abuse or trauma which is the broken heart and lack of trust in victims in the first place that take years to heal. Another unique nursing essay suggestion topic is Phobias. Review various types of phobias and they are being displayed by the patients. List the phobias and generate more general information about phobias. Put emphasis on psychological reasons on most phobias, identification methods and symptoms, as well as available medication.