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  For MBA programs placement, you are required to write the MBA essay. The essential purpose of MBA essay is to impress the admission commission. It is important to realize the good MBA Essay writing is a pretty much delicate matter due to its differential instance from your standard essay structure. Avoiding plain narration is your top priority. Forget about boring facts presentation about your life achievements. Forget about playing it on a safe side because you will fail. Find a way within MBA essay structure to be creative and show how your personality can achieve glorious future prospects that will help society as well.

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common-essay-problemEssay writing demands a thorough research, strong writing skills and patience. All teachers and professors are doing their best to open up the writing potential in their students in the first place. We have carefully reviewed the common essay problems and mistakes and decided to point them out to the students in order to make your life easier. Here is a list of common essay mistakes we have gathered for you.

1. Poor Essay Structuring. It is easy to get caught in the moment and find yourself being stuck with the usage of improper sentence and/or essay structuring. Keep in mind, your perfect writing starts with thorough structuring. When the essay is presented in a form of poor language structuring, it is impossible to read and follow the thought or main idea in your writing unless you are writing a thriller which you don’t. The reader is excited and interested in reading your writing, outline the questions in the beginning and provide the answer through the paper.

2. The second most common mistake is irrelevancy. There is widely used tendency to include the information in the essays that do not possess certain relevancy. The professors and instructors see it as the student has not invested enough time and effort in the topic research. In order to avoid irrelevancy in your writings, make sure to demonstrate how this information or illustration is relevant to the text.

3. The third common essay mistake is lack of connection. Imagine, you are reading the text and you stumble upon information that has no connection to the previous paragraph whatsoever. Same applies as a common writing mistake. To stay away from the unconnected information, a thorough plan must be written that you have to follow. Writing the essay plan will help you to break down the general information to bits and pieces linking them to the rest of provided information. Concentrate on using connecting words and phrases in various sections and paragraphs. Remember, the teacher is not able to read your mind, help him to understand you better.

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