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Another important aspect of dissertation writing is to be sincere to yourself. You must honestly acknowledge where you stand at this point. If you have not started your dissertation preparation process like examining topics, looking for appropriate resources, simply admit how things are.

If you haven’t invested much time into your dissertation preparation then you must admit how things are at the moment. The truth acceptance will create miracles for you as you will be able to really move forward. Choose not to react, but to be proactive right this very moment. If you find yourself not moving forward, use our university and college paper writing service. Continue reading


How to come up with a convincing bright Dissertation IDEA? But the biggest secret is that dissertation ideas come from everywhere to you in all different forms and shapes. Your primary goal is to notice and to absorb them. If you need practical approaches on how to come up with brilliant dissertation ideas, our custom essay writing service is here to help you with that.

A first step will be to start with topics of research papers that you have written. Remember how you used to search for research paper writing proposal. Same applies to writing your dissertation.

Two major aspects are what you like to discuss or explore in your dissertation and what the requirements are. Another aspect for you to consider is that writing dissertation may seem very not easy, but you should never underestimate the importance of writing dissertation. Continue reading


  • Concentrate on love perspective that you wish to discuss in your writing. Explore various love perspectives that are different in form and shape. For example, explore platonic love as a separate love emotion and compare it to day-to-day dating couple in love. See how these two emotions are similar and different. In today world, the platonic love is regarded as non-existing type of love. Explore theoretical and practical side of platonic love in your best essay. Explore its positive and negative sides. For example, non-positive side is that person stay one-on-one with its feeling being not shared. Substantially this means that the person is stuck and not ready to move on and accept life as an ongoing process of growth and change. Express your personal attitude and your own thoughts about it. Continue reading


Writing about love is an interesting exciting process that may take over your mind, heart, body and soul. Imagine, you are writing about the most well-known and much-spoken feeling & emotion throughout the world. There are no people on earth who are not aware of this feeling. Actually, everything in life is love whether we accept it or not. Love has many shapes. Love changes its forms rapidly from being calm to being aggressive.  If a person is not in love at the moment, then he or she was or will be in love. Keep that in mind. Write your best essay on love topic with us.

Writing a love essay may bring you to thinking about love, analyzing love, dwelling for love, dreaming of love, fantasizing about love and so on. All best well-known stories are connected with love or are about love. While you write about love, positive and negative experiences may come to surface.  At one point you may find yourself overwhelmed with past or present negative love experiences, but keep in mind that it is temporary as your emotional state is at its highest peak. More you think or analyze love itself, more insights you are going to get. If you need help with writing certain love essay, apply to paper writing service just by saying the magic words “write my essay”. Continue reading


When you get assignment to write a biography essay, it is an interesting assignment to do. Whether you know about the person or not, collecting interesting facts about life-changing events in his/her life is pretty exciting. This particular action will brings more knowledge to you both on conscious and intuitive levels. Biography essay gives you opportunity to give your personal aspect of seeing somebody else’s life. After you have collected relevant life facts about the person, organize it in chronological manner, yet point out details that were interesting particularly to you. It is important as your essay will receive its own essence and unique, one of the kind vision that can only be seen and told by you in your essay writing. In case you find yourself overwhelmed with too much information, sleep on it and it will be automatically filtered to more simple, yet straightforward manner. Let’s put together important aspects of biography writing together. Continue reading


Essay transition means moving from idea, written principle or theory to another idea, principle or theory. Essay transitions should be smooth as ever. Why essay transitions are so important? Essay transitions are essential ingredient of any profound writing. The important aspect about essay transitions is to understand their essential principles. Essay transition is important and essential element of every well-written and well-thought-out essay. If you feel frustrated with usage of essay transitions, Custom Essay Order is ready to share this knowledge with you as we are reliable, successful research paper writing service. Continue reading