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Steps in Writing an Academic Essay

The first thing you can do in writing a good quality of academic essay is to find a reliable source. Search as many academic materials you can get hold of like books, magazines, journals or articles in the newspapers, which are related to your topic. It would also be helpful to review literatures on how to cite resources so you will not be accused of plagiarism.
Second, you have to take note of the ideas that you got from your research. You have to be careful in citing the sources of the ideas that you get from the many sources you got. While reading your sources, some ideas may also came out, so you have to take down all of those as often as you can so as not to forget it when you are already start writing.
Third, after taking down all the notes from your sources and your own ideas, you have to unify it into sentences, them paragraphs them combine it to form the essay based on the mentioned structures above. After you have unified your thoughts about the topic, you can not start to think about your thesis statement. Make it narrow and concise. A thesis statement is something that you have to defend along the course of your essay. You have to develop your essay based on your thesis statement. IF you are not good at essay writing – you can order custom essay writing online.
Fourth, make sure that you are using proper terms and language use. Academic essays use formal words that are normally different from the ones we use in our everyday conversation. You have to think about the readers that will read you essay, and make sure that what you will right will not offend or hurt them.
Fifth, make sure that each of you ideas is related and each paragraph is connected with each other. You essay should be coherent and easy to understand. Make the transitions of one idea to another in a very natural way.
Lastly, you have to make sure that you provide an introduction of the topic and the key point of the discussion in the conclusion part. A good quality essay is something that readers would want to read from start to bottom, something that interests them and something that will give them new ideas and information. You can also revise the essay if necessary or rewrite your thesis statement if your discussion does not coincide with it. Do not forget to cite your sources and check your essay for typographical errors.
Writing a custom essay is not an easy task as it involves a lot of research and brainstorming efforts. But given the steps mentioned above, writing an essay is easy by following some simple steps to make it more attractive and informative.

International Students in America

Did you know that there were over six hundred and twenty thousand international students in the United States of America’s universities and colleges for the academic year 2007/08? This according to the Open Doors report by the Institute of International Education was a seven percent increase. According to the Mr. Goli Ameri, the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, the increase in enrolment was an indication that USA is still the premier destination for foreign students. “U.S. higher education is unparalleled in its vitality, quality, and diversity. The U.S. government joins the U.S. higher education community in a commitment to welcome international students to the United States” (Gardner and Witherell, par. 1) He stated that he had graduated in the United States as an international student and thus was in a better position to testify that “America’s universities not only accept and welcome international students warmly, but transform their lives (Gardner and Witherell par. 1). The United States department of state has expanded support to advice on US education by setting up centers around the world in order to help students gain access to American education. The number of the international students in the United States is double that of the United Kingdom (the second host). It was reported in the year 2007 that the international students in USA contributed about thirteen billion US dollars to the its economy through their living expenses and tuition charges (Ford p. 1) This research paper seeks to show the reasons why the United States of America is the most preferred destination for the international students.
Statistics of the international students in USA
According to the Open Doors 2008 report, India is the leading country that sends students to the United States with the figure increasing to ninety four thousand, five hundred and sixty three. The second sender was listed as China with eighty one thousand, one hundred and twenty one students in US. Those from South Korea took the third spot with sixty nine thousand, one hundred and twenty four students (which was an eleven percent increase). Some of them tend to order custom essays from Though it showed a four percent slight drop, Japan was fought with thirty three thousand, nine hundred and seventy four students in US. Canada took the fifth spot with twenty nine thousand and fifty one students. Other countries with students in the United States are as follows: Taiwan 29,001 and Mexico, 14,837 (this was a seven percent increase). Saudi Arabian students in the United Stated increased to nine thousand eight hundred and seventy three, this being attributed to the scholarships that are being offered by their government in a program that was launched in 2005. The greatest increase (45%) was by students from Vietnamese students with eight thousand seven hundred and sixty nine students. Other international students in the United States universities and colleges came from Indonesia, 7692; Nigeria, 6,222 and Kenya with 5,838 students (which was an eight percent drop) (Gardner and Witherell par. 1-10).
From the statistics above, it is clear that Asia accounted for the sixty one percent of all international students. Philippines recorded a twelve percent increase; Singapore, seven percent; Mongolia, thirteen percent; Hong Kong, seven percent. However the following Asian nations recorded a decline in the number of students they sent to US: Pakistan, one percent and Bangladesh, four percent. Others with the same trends include Israel, Palestinian Authority, Yemen and Lebanon (Gardner and Witherell par. 1-10).
According to the same report, US Universities that had the highest number of international students, University of Southern California lead the pack with seven thousand one hundred and eighty nine of students. Other leading Universities included : New York University, 6404; Columbia University, 6297; University of Illinois, 5933; Purdue University (main campus), 5772; University of Michigan, 5748; University of Texas, 5550; Harvard University, 4948 and Boston University with 4789 international students in US (Gardner and Witherell).
Reasons why USA is a preferred destination for International Students
One may be keen to ask the question of why the nation has led other nations of the world such as Britain, Germany and France in enrolling international students. The United States has been reported to have a great wealth of initiatives and policies meant to lure international students into its educational system such as policies that include specific visa and work requirements. This is despite the drop in enrolment that was caused by the September 11 terrorist bombings of the United States. This is in contrast to the small number of students that the nation sends to the other nations. According to the statistics, only about forty five thousand American students study abroad, majority of them being in the United Kingdom and Canada (Cremonini et al, par.1).
To maintain the lead in maintaining the number of foreign students who study in USA, the government and the higher education office has intensified its promotional efforts. They have done this by opening several centers in different countries that serve different regions of the world and reducing the Visa regulatory rules for the students (Cremonini ET all, par. 5). Cremonini refers to the United States as the academic powerhouse meaning that it is academically attractive. He states that the attraction can be associated with civilization attraction which is a social contract pattern or a flow of people; a situation that explains why researchers and students tend to travel to countries and centers that are recognized and attractive. International students tend to study hadr – when they request custom essay writing – they look for a positive result only for the money paid. A zone civilization attraction is sometimes referred to as a zone of prestige. Academic attraction is also related to other concepts used to study higher education mobility. The concepts posit that many of the educational possibilities are in specific places of the world and that become the most popular destinations for international students (Cremonini ET all, par. 6).
Ann White, the director of China-Hong for the Institute of International Education stated that the United States is the preferred destination for the Hong Kong students because they associate US degrees with quality and prestige. She added that students from Hong Kong are drawn to lifelong rewards and values of study in the United States of America (Institute of International Education p.2). The other reason why for those students to prefer the US Universities and colleges is because they are in a better position to access information about higher education that is accurate and comprehensive as compared to other countries. There is an EducationUSA office in Hong Kong providing the needed information in addition to the increased level of activities by Universities and colleges from the USA to attract these students. The IIE often organize the annual US Higher Education Fair in Hong Kong and it was reported that in the year 2008, it attracted twenty five percent more attendees when compared with the previous year (Institute of International Education p. 2).
The government has established a website with extensive databases of grants, scholarships and fellowships that are organized by Institute of International Education. The president and Chief Executive officer of IIE stated that the increased number of the international students in the US is as a result of the actions that are taken by the US government plus the Colleges and Universities to make sure that those students understand that they are welcome and that that their contribution to cultural and the environment is highly appreciated (Institute of International Education p. 2).
The USA Department of State online newsletter has in it the reasons as to why US education is preferred. One is that U.S. colleges and universities are known to have resources, faculty and facilities of high quality. To maintain the standards on these institutions, accreditation systems are used. Secondly, the education system in US features several types of academic and social environments, institutions, degree programs, entry requirements, and subjects from where students can specialize. Thirdly, degrees in US have a wide range of tuition fees and living costs, in addition to the financial help that some colleges offer, this resulting into affordable education for many students. Finally, the Universities and colleges in the United States are flexible in offering courses that one can even study in one college for two years and then move to another for the next two years (Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs).
Several Universities in US have come up with academic and social programs for the international students. Military personal tend to request homework live help when deployed. The support program may be based on identifying the students at risk, analyzing their languages and cross- cultural needs, research their academic performance, assist in finding accommodation, monitoring their income and providing the exit support so that the students can be prepared to enter global labour markets. This is helpful as USA continues to compete for international students with other nations (Clendenin, par. 2-5).
From the research, it is clear that the United States of America is the largest destination for the international Students. However, this has not been achieved easily but through policies and activities by the government to attract many students to the nation. However, it is also clear that the nation is facing stiff competition from other nations such as Britain and Germany. With such programs that have been initiated to maintain the number of students, US will continue leading in this area.

International Students and Culture Shock

International cooperation plays a vital role in ensuring global growth and development. Towards this goal; countries have developed systems of interaction between different people from all over the world. These efforts have also spread out to the education sector, and are advocating and promoting students exchange programs. These are programs which allow students to visit western countries for a given period of time. Here, they are expected to continue their studies and interact fully with their host countries.

More often than not; students join exchange programs so as to experience not only, a different learning environment but also, to interact with a different culture. Generally, exchange students yearn to be removed from their current situation and allowed to venture into foreign grounds. When international students contemplate what awaits them in the host country, most students are excited and very optimistic about their stay abroad. ” Inge could not wait to leave her boring home life in Europe. In the united states she imagined a much more interesting life for herself” (Hansel, 2007, p. 58). But, as life has it, this does not often last long. This paper seeks to understand the challenges that face international students and find ways of resolving them. When such chalanges are faced, more and more students tend to order homework live help from a trusted academic web site like ours.

International students are faced with difficulties and many challenges while attempting to fit in and enjoy their newly found status. The excitement over traveling abroad, making new friends, seeing great sights, meeting their host families, is brought down by the realization that, with all these new experiences comes the task of trying to understand and cope with the differences. For some students, the challenges are not many and they might have a smooth experience. However; some students experience major differences, and might find it hard to settle down.

Among all these problems is a major area where most students often find themselves caught in? Culture shock, according to most students’ testimonials is a challenge that they all have faced during their stay abroad. What is culture shock? The concept is based on the idea that encountering any new culture can be a confusing experience (Bochner and Furnham, 2001). In the first weeks after arrival in the host country, foreign students are awed by how much life abroad is not so different from what they have left behind. Due to their excitement, they are highly enthusiastic about learning the different ways of life abroad and are very eager to make friends and learn the foreign languages. Even when they have had difficulties in learning the language before, at his time they become quite optimistic. They cruise through their first weeks still in awe of what is happening around them. More so, at this time the differences that exist between them fail to register in their minds and when they do, they do not create much impact.

Then comes a time when it finally hits them, that everything is not so similar. They start noticing the small differences around them. It is at this point that the foreign students are confused and overwhelmed by the host culture. Culture shock creates anxiety and feelings of inadequacy in the foreign students. At this time you can order custom essay with us and deal with your personal issues.  When reality finally sinks in, they even experience physical discomforts like, headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite, stomachaches, among others. Panic over their ability to succeed in the foreign country also manifests itself.

Culture shock is borne out of the many cultural differences. At the forefront; is a difference in language which becomes very problematic especially for those students struggling to learn the host language? Knowledge of the host language is important because it is the biggest tool for communication. Language barriers could cause misunderstandings between foreign students and the many people they are bound to interact with while abroad. However, it is important to note that its major consequence is the foreign students’ failure in class due to their inability to comprehend the language of instruction. When foreign students grasp the context of their differences they end up retracting and shying off from any sort of communication.

Culture shock is also fueled by other factors like diet changes and modes of dressing. Students who are used to conservative dressings will encounter difficulties accepting or even interacting with a host culture which is considered extreme in their ways of dressing. Consequently, this may lead to foreign students limiting their interaction with such a host culture. This conflict of cultures has played a surmountable role in influencing and shaping the lives of foreign students abroad.

Western universities are therefore, faced with the responsibility of creating a conducive environment for foreign students and ensure that they adjust and enjoy their stay in their host country. In regard to culture shock, the host university should come up with departments to handle the foreign students on a one on one basis. They should provide personal assistants to the students to help them in any areas they may experience difficulties. Ordering custom writing will help you to fill in the gap in the language differences.  For language differences, the university should be mandated to ensure they provide language learning programs for foreign students to enable them learn the language in a calm, conducive environment without them feeling inadequate or under pressure to measure up. But instead, motivate and reassure them.

Culture learning, which is basically adapting of other cultures by foreign students, should be facilitated by the host universities (Hess, i994, p. 3). Foreign students should be included in their inter cultural events. The key is to make them feel as part of the western community. Undoubtedly so, the success in overcoming challenges faced by foreign students lies in the hands of the host university.

Persuasive Essay/Post on Homework and Student Workload

Homework has been a normal part of the daily educational activities of students across many different learning institutions. It is not a hidden fact that a great deal of assessing the learned skills and knowledge of students are gauged through homework. Thus, it is of utmost importance for both teachers and students alike to treat homework not only with a considerable length of time and attention but also with a certain amount of critical thinking. But even though there are those who claim that homework has its positive purposes, Alfie Kohn thinks otherwise. Yet, if you wish to order custom essay – you can easity do so at our academic web site.
In his article “Rethinking Homework,” Kohn argues that there is “is absolutely no evidence of any academic benefit from assigning homework in elementary or middle school” and that “the correlation is weak” between the question of “whether children do homework” (or how much they do) and its purported measures for the supposed achievement of students in learning (Kohn). In essence, Kohn espouses the idea that there is little or no benefit in giving students homework precisely because it does the opposite of promoting the learning process as a meaningful experience, of making the student lose interest instead of stimulating the sensibilities of the learner.
Kohn further argues that “over the last quarter-century the burden has increased most for the youngest children, for whom the evidence of positive effects isn’t just dubious; it’s nonexistent.” If this is indeed the case, then there is a compelling reason to abandon the task of giving students homework because it does not deliver any quantifiable result, nor does it give any benefit for students at all. In fact, Kohn appears to focus on this non-existence of the benefits of homework in order to mount the most direct attacks to the proliferation of homework in numerous academic institutions. The counter-argument for the core argument of Kohn may rest on the establishment of any real and measurable achievement derived from homework. Ordering custom writing is a choice for smart and advanced students. Unfortunately, Kohn firmly believes that there is not real statistical information to corroborate the argument that homework does indeed reinforce the learning experience of students.
In fact, Kohn further states that “the correlation is weak and tends to disappear when more sophisticated statistical measures are applied” (2007), thus debating the point that the clamoring for the benefits of homework is an illusion. Indeed, our academic institutions should not settle for methods that do not essentially provide the students with the necessary tools for learning. If the academic institutions continue to make use of homework as a fundamental indicator of the acquired learning of students, there might soon come a time when the graduates of these institutions fill the work force, creating a work force abundant with graduates who have not essentially acquired the learning they need apart from not having the capacity to measure what they have learned.
Brian Gill and Steven Schlossman argue that “schools began to vie for more and more homework at earlier stages” after 1986 (Gill and Schlossman, p. 27). This essentially indicates that there has been an increase in the appropriation of homework among the younger batch of students across numerous schools. It can thus be said that there is a corresponding clamor for giving the load of tasks to students at earlier and earlier stages, thus giving one the impression that there is a sort of ‘vacuum’ in the learning process wherein a huge amount of learning experience should be filled in order to compensate for the growing number of students. However, even if there is a presumed ‘vacuum’ in the learning process among the hierarchy of students in terms of age, one cannot easily embrace the application of homework to younger and younger students in order to curb this ‘vacuum’.
As a response to the mounting of homework on the shoulders of the younger generation, Kohn thus asserts that parents and teachers alike should “support from administrators who are willing to challenge the conventional wisdom.” This may come in many different forms instead of the conventional use of homework. In a nutshell, Kohn proposes that both educators and parents should take a large chunk of the role in educating themselves all the more instead of pinning the responsibilities on the part of the younger generation. Further, Kohn asserts that “standardized homework fallacies” should be given more thinking, in the sense that it should be remolded according to the actual challenges that beset the entire learning institution, and that the amount of homework should be reduced and reduced all the more.
In essence, Kohn emphasizes the importance or the essence of homework in the context of student improvement; categorizing the homework as best in classrooms “if shared and not just checked” (Kohn). Grading assignments denote that a student may actually make his or her assignment for the sake of academic compliance alone, while the verity of “learning” is reprimanded. He further stresses that instead of grading the assignments of student in a model standard, students should be given the chance to explain what they have done and explore with one another—brainstorming would be a suitable term—in such way, they shall be able to enlighten one another with the diverse impact of a certain homework and then find means to develop. Thus, feel free to order custom essay as soon as possible with 100% confidentiality guaranteed. All these tantamount to the idea of experimenting and “raising the bar” to a more “likable” manner may eventually open a larger opportunity for students to change their approach to the whole idea of homework and apparently result in a warmer classroom environment.

Getting back into University

Life usually does not provide enough chances for a person to return to his original best. Pretty similar has been the case with me as well. I have had a wretched time at the hands of my fate which seems to have turned for the downside. However I have not lost hope from all that has happened to me in a short period of 12 months and it has made me much stronger than ever before.
It all began in early September when my godfather left for his heavenly abode. That left a vacant space in my personality and it sparked a series of sorrows within my life. As he was very close to me, I was shattered beyond belief. Moving on, it was during the Christmas break that I got to know about my girlfriend’s antics where she cheated on me whilst dating with my roommate. This made my life a living hell and I started losing focus on studies. I realized that there were a lot of distractions that started to come my way and hence I needed to do something different. All this while, time moved swiftly.
Destiny had some other things lined up for me. I was down with sickness for a couple of weeks and thus was grounded within the realms of my Toronto home and thus it made enough reason for me to miss classes. Custom essay writing service helps a lot to improve garades and save time. I had a lean time period all this while and it proved to be a problem that lasted not only in the physical sense but also took over my mental self. I was intensely finding a way out of all my troubles and tensions so that I could come back on to my education in one way or the other and for this I prayed to God to give me the courage and support that I so dearly needed.
For me, my education has a lot of significance and I know what has happened is a thing of the past and hopefully it will never come to haunt me again in the future. What I do not know is whether or not I would be allowed re-admission to school so that I could continue with my studies and make a name for my own self within the society. I really want to do something with my life and I know this can only happen if I am granted the permission to return to my alma mater as soon as possible since this is the only solution to my problem, all said and done. However I understand that there are certain problems that come in management’s way whilst giving me re-admission permission but then again I believe that my reasons speak for their own selves. I merit a place back in my university and for this I will leave no stone unturned. Homework live help was available online and I used it – helped me with my assignments.
I am of the utmost belief and faith that my earnest requests would not go in waste and I would be provided the chance to avail my university education once again. I am ready to make any sacrifice for the same at any point in time, suiting to the management’s convenience. I have changed and I know this change is for the positive. I will make the university proud of myself and my achievements will speak louder than anything possible.


Studying at the university requires adjustment so that the student can effectively function and pursue his chosen field of study. One’s academic life, gaining access to educational materials, and interaction with classmates and professors are all important factors in the adjustment process. Yet, they are not the only factors that should be taken into account. This adjustment process becomes even more important for international students. They have to adjust to the culture of the location of their university, they have to take into account the language, the social norms, the idioms and metaphors being used by the society that the university belongs to. If they fail to adjust in the social context, their education might not be maximized, and, worse, they might not be able to understand a lot of things in their schooling.
This essay takes a look in the adjustment process that international students have to face, particularly their context and their learning styles. It discusses how context and learning style affects their adjustment process. Also, it points out homework live help services that can help any student with any academic request or assignment. In doing so, this essay presents several theories and principles regarding the learning process. Furthermore, it presents several recommendations on how international students could better adjust in the university. More than just a theoretical presentation, this essay also takes into account the personal experiences of the author and will deal with some of the challenges being faced by international students in the university. This understanding is very important so that the international students, and other university students and professors would come to better strategies in helping international students cope with the university life and all its rigors and demands.

University Culture and the International Student

The university promotes scholarly studies and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. In addition to this, the application of this body of knowledge in the society is also taken into account. Because of the process of globalization, university culture is also being internationalized in the sense that the university is being integrated into the global processes defining the world at this time (Bartell, 2003). Given this internationalization of universities, international students necessarily come to the fore. In a study conducted by Neville, students at the university who have previously enrolled expressed fear that they may not do well in the university because of the pressures of family, society, and of the economic side of their schooling.
As an international student, I have also experienced some of these challenges. Since I am far away from my family, I feel homesick at times, unable to focus on my studies. It takes courage and resolve in order for me to truly pursue my university education. Yet, because of the importance of my university education and the interactions with others, I painstakingly work towards improving myself in pursuing my education.

International Students and Speaking English

Another challenge that international students face is the issue of language. Since English is recognized internationally as the language of the university, international students have to learn this language so that they can converse fluently and intelligently with classmates and professors. For international students who are already fluent in this language, they have surmounted an important barrier. Yet, those who have not done yet, they need to work more in learning English, otherwise, they will fail to interact and converse with others, which is an important part of university life.
Universities therefore need to help international students who speak English as a second language in improving their English skills. This is the only way for them to truly make the connections that will help them complete their university education. Speech and language laboratories could be established and part of the learning processes of international students. This way, they will be able to interact better and have more opportunities in improving their English language skills. Some international students may seek custom essay writing services such as ours, that will help them to get a great essay with spending minimum efforts.
As an international student who entered the university, I experienced a kind of culture shock because the university promotes a culture of literacy (Nevile, 1996). Although I was already a bit fluent with the English, I was not a prolific writer. So I had to attend some writing workshops and tutorial sessions so I could improve the way that I write in the English language. With this process, I was able to improve some of the things that I faced.
In addition to this, I also talked with other international students regarding the struggles that they face and the difficulties that they are having. In the process, I managed to have a support group that could easily help me deal with homesickness and other difficulties of being an international student. The interactions with other international students helped me become more prepared in dealing with the rigors of university life.

Maximizing Adjustment to the University

For international students who want to make the most out of the university, there are several tips that could be followed. For one, improving English skills is a must. It might take more time and effort to do so, yet, it is of utmost important that English skills become excellent. International students should also form support groups that could help them deal with homesickness and other challenges of being in a foreign society. The emotional support given by others makes a lot of difference in the adjustment process. Lastly, international students should be able to maximize all available resources at their disposal through consistent and persistent studying and pursuit of knowledge. This is the best way to deal with the adjustment process.

As a conclusion

This post has looked at the experiences of international students in adjusting at a university. Universities do have a culture of literacy, which the international student may not be prepared for. As such, they need to double their efforts in learning, in interacting and talking with others—friends, professors, classmates, and other international students—and gaining access to all forms of educational resources. By establishing support groups and mentoring relationships, international students could do well in their university education and prepare them for excellent work even beyond the university. Through this, they could contribute better to their society and their world.